FOOD AND ART - A match made in heaven.


No one can explain why that pairing is so good together... it just is.


Just like our 2 packages that you and the whole family will surely enjoy: The Calligraphy Workshop Kit + DIY Milk Tea Kit ✨


Combined, these two make THE CRAFTEA KIT (get it? 😉) -- the ultimate crafts + DIY milk tea bundle that puts dalgona coffee to shame hihi! 😁


Imagine how super fun and productive your weekends will be! 😍

✅ Enhance your Calligraphy Skills with our uniquely crafted workshop module and drills!

✅ Try all mediums - brush pen, watercolor, and dip pen - and create stunning artworks!

✅ Learn how to whip up your favorite summer drink - from preparing the tapioca pearls, brewing tea, mixing, and sharing happiness at home.

✅ Craft your own flavored milk tea at home and enjoy it with the whole fam!

✅ Best of all, create happy memories with these fun bonding activities. Now, this one is priceless. 😉





✔︎ 3-in-1 Calligraphy Workshop Module + Practice Drills:

     • Brush Pen Calligraphy

     • Watercolor Calligraphy

     • Dip Pen/Pointed Pen Calligraphy

✔︎ Brush Pen Set: 2 Medium Tip Brush Pens + 2 Fine Tip Brush Pens

✔︎ (1) 36-color Watercolor Cake

✔︎ 1 Waterbrush

✔︎ 1 Fine Round Brush

✔︎ 2 Vintage Nibs

✔︎ 1 Straight Pen Holder

✔︎ Liquid Watercolor Set (5 Bottles - Assorted Colors)

✔︎ 1 Personalized Kraft Notebook

MAKE-YOUR-OWN MILK TEA KIT (can serve up to 5 large cups):
✔︎ Tapioca Pearls
✔︎ Black Tea Leaves
✔︎ Flavor of Choice (Available: Wintermelon, Matcha, Okinawa, Dark Cocoa)
✔︎ Non-Dairy Creamer
✔︎ Fructose
✔︎ Brown Sugar Mix
✔︎ 5 Loco Milk Tea Large Cups with Lids
✔︎ 5 Individually-Wrapped Boba Straws
✔︎ Easy to Follow Guide to Crafting Your Own Milk Tea


‼️ Available within Metro Manila only 😊‼️
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Craftea Kit 2: Calligraphy Workshop Kit + DIY Milk Tea Bundle

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